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Is spray foam expensive? 

The cost of spray foam is higher than other forms of insulation. However, the average payoff is only about 7 years. Overall, to achieve the highest savings, it is best to install closed cell spray foam right away while the building is still being constructed. 

What is Closed Cell Foam?

Closed cell spray foam has structure which yields a rigid, hard foam, with a density of 1.7-2.3 pounds per cubic foot , and has been demonstrated to provide structural enhancement in most framed buildings. These smaller cells trap an insulating gas, called a blowing agent. This blowing agent has a lower thermal conductivity than still air, and increases the R-value. The typical R-value per inch of closed-cell foam is about R-7 per inch. The closed-cell structure makes it water-resistant, and is the only spray foam that can be used where contact with water is likely. At a thickness of 1.5 inches, closed cell foam has a moisture permeance of typically less than 1.0 perms and no additional vapor retarder is required for most applications.

Will spray foam make my home "too tight"?

Closed cell foam is such a great product that it can make a home "too Tight". However, trained HVAC technicians have many techniques to properly ventilate the house so can it still breathe the way it needs to. A common saying in the green building industry is "Build it tight, ventilate it right".

How long does it take to install spray foam?

There are a lot of variables here, but an average size project will take 1-2 days.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, please call us.

What is your service area?

We service most of Michigan's lower peninsula and into the upper peninsula in some cases.

Is it possible to spray foam an existing home or structure?

In most cases, no. Spray foam must be sprayed directly at an object through a spray gun, it cannot be injected into a wall with a hose, that is called injection foam. We do not provide injection foam service.

Please send us YOUR questions! We'll try to answer them right here!

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